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1. What's LSD?

LSD is a conversion kit for door hinges which is similar to Lamborghinis door concept.
The factory hinges are replaced by the vehicle specific LSD hinges.
The original door is retained.

2. Are they universal kits?

LSD Kits are not universal kits. Each LSD kit are vehicle specific.
To download the latest application please check our section.

3. Can I install the LSD hinges by myself or will I need professional support (e.g. body shop)?

We recommend getting the LSD doors installed at a body shop.
However, people with strong technical and mechanical skills will be able to install the hinges by themselves.

4. Are there any major car modifications necessary?

No major modifications are necessary. The LSD door hinges utilize the original mounting hinge points.
The inside edge of the fender requires to be trimmed to provide clearance for the LSD hinge system.
No exterior paint work is required. An estimated time of installation (ETI) is indicated on each vehicle specific LSD hinge.
The installation instructions can be downloaded in our Download section.

5. Whats included in each kit what kind of value should I expect?

The kit includes two fully pre-assembled LSD hinges including gas shock, material for assembly and mounting, wire extension, isolated wire straps, waterproof duct tape, clips for wire routing, detailed installation instructions and TV certificate.
LSD kits are complete, no additional searching for small parts after the purchase.

6. Does the wiring harness need to be extended?

In some cars the factory wiring harness of the doors can be used without having to extend them.
A vehicle specific wire set with connection bushings and isolation material is included in the conversion kits for those cars, whose wire harness has to be extended. Cars with side airbags should be checked on accuracy after installing the door hinges.

7. How many persons are necessary to install the LSD hinges?

The hinges should be installed by two persons to guarantee a safe installation.
Especially for adjusting the doors and replacing the gas spring, two persons are necessary.

8. How long does it take to get the LSD hinges installed?

Depending on vehicle and estimated time of installation (ETI) up to two days should be scheduled for the installation.
For more information please check the according installation instruction.

9. Do you guarantee technical support after purchasing a LSD hinge?

Yes! Our technical support is available at 0049 7971 / 9630-330 Mondays through Fridays 8am 12pm and 2pm-5pm.

10. How does the door stay open?

The door stays open by the force of a gas spring.

11. How strong is the gas shock mechanism?

The shock is manufactured of high quality steel and was tested based on StVZO as well as ECE and EG guidelines.
For more information please see tensile force test in our technology section.

12. How far up do the doors open?

The doors open up to an angle of approximately 40-50 degrees from the ground.
Thereby eliminating any problems from entering or exiting the vehicle.
For more information please check our videos in the download section.

13. What do I do, if Im not able to open the doors upwards (e.g. in a garage)?

The doors initially opens 30 degrees outwards like a common car door.
Thus getting in and out of the car is guaranteed even at locations with limited space.

14. Will I get a TÜV registration for the LSD doors in my car?

TÜV certificates based on 19 Abs. 3 Nr. 4 StVZO are included in all LSD kits available in the Germany.

15. How much do I need to pay for the installation at a shop?

The costs depend on vehicle model and location of the shop.
The ETI (estimated time of installation), mentioned on the LSD application will allow you to roughly estimate your cost of installation.
For more information please contact your local dealer.

16. Can I reinstall the factory door hinges?

Yes! Reinstalling the factory hinges was taken into consideration during our R&D process.
We offer specific reinstall kits for vehicles whose hinges had to be modified.
For more details, please check the application list.

17. Can LSD-Doors be installed at cars with 4 doors?

Yes! But the LSD doors can only be installed at the front doors.
There are some 4-door models listed in our product range.
Please note: kits for 3-door models cant be used for 5-door models.

18. What do I do, if Ive added additional weight to the factory doors? e.g. speakers, fibreglass panels, LCD screens, etc.?

Since the gas spring supports the door to open up, we offer additional gas springs in different strengths. In case you need a stronger specific gas spring, please contact your local dealer or the team of LSD-Doors at:

Tel.: +49(0)7971-9630-130
Fax.: +49(0)7971-9630-191

19. Will the price mentioned in the application list be for each door or per car?

The price includes a complete kit for two doors.

20. Is it hard to get in and out of the car?

Depending on the car there are different angles to open the door, which makes it comfortable for everyone to get in and out of the car.
For more details please see our videos in the download section.

21. Will there be a lot of power necessary to lift and lower the door?

The gas spring supports the door during lifting and dampens it during lowering.
The effort of opening the door is 1,5-5 kg depending on the vehicle model.
Each vehicle has been tested with a specific power of gas spring under the conditions of the factory door weight and a room temperature of 20C.
Please note, that the gas power of the gas springs may change due to temperature variations; this may alter the force required to open and close the door.
These variations are normal and are due to the nature of gas springs and should not be considered a defect.

22. Can an additional wire routing be installed?

Yes, that's possible. However, please note; that the wire routing should be neatly secured
away from any parts that may pinch the harness, avoiding the possibility of jamming when opening or closing the door.

23. Will there be wind noises?

There will be no noises caused by the wind.
3-dimensional adjustment options provide proper gap clearance and smooth operation.

24. My car had an accidental damage. Will an installation be possible?

In case of a severe distortion of the frame, the installation of the hinges will be very complex.
Modifications at the a-pillar can have impacts on the functionality of the door hinges.

25. Will the safety and protection be guaranteed?

A side impact test has provided the impressive safety proof:
The patented LSD door hinge system provides an optimum level of safety in the event of a side impact.
The test was conducted according to ECE-R 95 and 96/27/EC directives.
A vehicle equipped with LSD doors offers the necessary protection and guarantees optimum safety for its passengers.

26. My car is not listed in the application list, what can I do?

Please fill in the car request form in our product range section.

27. Is there a way to buy spare parts?

Yes! All spare parts of our door hinges can be purchased by presenting the original invoice.

28. I lost my certificate. Where do I get a new one?

We will send you a new certificate after presenting us the original invoice.

29. Will a paint job be necessary after the installation?

Slight touch up paint may be required on the inside edge of the fender.
Corrosion resistant spray is recommended when any trimming may have occurred.

30. Whats the delivery time?

Products in stock have a delivery time of 2-3 business days.

31. How heavy are the LSD kits?

The total weight is about 10-14kg (22lbs-30lbs) for each door, depending on the vehicle model.

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